Lake Arrowhead Joy Retreat

lake-arrowhead-retreatHello from Jeanette Joy~

I’ve always loved Lake Arrowhead. Years ago, we lived in neighboring Crestline and dreamed about having a home on the lake. I still dream about living on Lake Arrowhead. I’m so grateful to have found a “Cabin” in the woods near the golf course and lake.

Fixing the long-vacant home has been more of a challenge than I expected. I knew about a water leak under the home. Fannie Mae sells houses “As Is” and would not fix the leak. After closing, the plumber dug out the leak and he discovered a whole batch of botched plumbing no one could have foreseen. I’d rather spend money on fun furnishings than fixing pipes under dirt. After the repairs, at least now I know the home rests on a firm foundation and has good water.

art-retreatJoin us as we transform this three story, four bedroom home into Joy Retreat. Perhaps you may like to come to a writer’s retreat, an art retreat, or another event we plan. There are hiking trails to incredible places nearby, boat rentals, golfing, fine dining, and fun shops to explore. What would you like to do in Lake Arrowhead?

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Home Tour Inspirations

Do you enjoy home tours? My friend Jane Meade and I went to a special event to share holiday decorating ideas at a fancy Beverly Hills estate. Not only did we see exotic, exclusive, and extraordinary design, we saw the setting for historic events and countless movies. The home is an interior designer’s delight with new rooms every year.

The Greystone Mansion, also known as the Doheny Mansion was built for Edward “Ned” Doheny, Jr., and his family, including five children. A gift from his oil tycoon father, the home cost over $3 million to build in 1928. Doheny Sr. was a major character in the Teapot Dome scandal. (Before the Watergate scandal, Teapot Dome was regarded as the “greatest and most sensational scandal in the history of American politics”.)

Would you enjoy a mural like this in your home? The satin headboard and Lucite pillars seem more Hollywood than Beverly Hills. What do you think?

I’d like to create a lamp with crystals like this.


What kid, any age, wouldn’t love this musical hideaway/bed?


This was my favorite takeaway from the home tour. I’m going to frame my Main Bedroom TV.

Would you like to read more about creating a magnificent home without spending a lot of money? Check out Seven Secrets to Glorious Home Design!

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5 Design Psychology Updates from Joy to the Home Kitchen


Since we moved into our new home, I’ve learned a few home decorating ideas about my Design Psychology practices. I’m also amazed at how patient I’ve become waiting to finish the stripped kitchen.

No matter how many times I have updated the following photobucket slideshow, it still doesn’t delete deleted slides or show the titles.

  1. Countertop Choices
    I always preferred plain, simple countertops because kitchens get so cluttered. There’s no way I’m taking out the special granite (I believe Brazilian Bianco Antico) counters with gold sparkles which came with my home. After a few months of keeping the countertops cleared off except for a few strategically placed useful accessories, I’ve fallen in love with the busy pattern. Since we used the plain cream limestone counters in the party kitchen, I’m happy with the pattern balance.

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Joy to the Home and Gratitude

A friend came to visit me recently. She complained about her home instead of sharing my happiness in our move. After she left, I thought about how grateful I am for such a glorious home. My life wasn’t always like this.

My friend’s jealousy and reading Colin Beavan’s No Impact Man: the adventures of a guilty liberal who attempts to save the planet, and the discoveries he makes about himself and our way of life in the process made me feel guilty about my home’s amenities.

When I thought about what my family has been through over the past six years, I realized we were given a piece of heaven to enjoy, to refresh our spirit and soul, and to share grace with our family, friends, and acquaintances.

The house was striped of lighting, heating, air conditioning, sinks, all doorknobs, dishwasher, garbage disposal, hot water tanks and more. The dirt road is impossible to pass on rainy days without four wheel drive. We have so much work to do. This property needed us to rescue it just as much as I need a project home to rescue me.

This is the last of a series of dream homes I have been fortunate enough to have lived in. This is not the largest, the grandest, or most valuable of houses. I gave up other homes for many reasons before I wanted to leave. In the eighties, we owned an oceanfront home in Newport Beach we had to give up for hospital bills. After numerous moves, I got to live in a Florida Victorian mansion for ten years. Later, I cried for months after leaving a riverfront estate to move back to California for our daughter’s health.

It always seemed that as soon as I got a house the way I wanted it, I had to leave. I don’t plan on moving again, but you never know what life gives you. Living every day in a home full of love, light, and laughter is all that matters. The house can be magnificent, but without family and friends to share, what difference does it make?

I hope you gain some insight into designing your home for happiness from this blog. Joy to YOUR home.

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Joy to Dining

Celebrate everyday life by adding glamor, elegance, and excitement to a shared meal.  These seven dining room ideas help you create a joy filled memory.

1. Dining Table Shapes

Less formal round dining tables enable full conversations, with everyone participating. Without a head to the table, guests feel important–treated more respectfully.

If you have an oval or rectangular shaped table, consider placing guests at the head of the table or honoring a child for good behavior occasionally.

2. Dining Table Coverings

Dark wood absorbs light for intimate dining, keeping the room moody and romantic. Simply changing the colors and textures for the season or occasion makes each meal seem more festive and important. White and light colored tablecloths reflect light upwards providing more illumination for large parties.

Eye-catching tissue lame fabric never fails to impress with its tiny pattern of metallic hexagrams shimmering and rippling like flowing liquid. Gold or silver lame fabric sparkles under lace tablecloths.

3. Seating for Longer Conversations

For comfortable dining, the seat height feels best when it is nine inches from the tabletop. Padded seats invite leisurely dining. Compare soft to hard seats purposely used in fast food restaurants where management wants you to eat and leave.

Placing dining chairs close together makes some feel uncomfortable with little personal space; however, touching elbows and knees gives your sense of touch pleasure and spurs feelings of bonding, especially good for families… or groups you want to work together.

4. Glass and Crystal Sparkles

Stemware gives a buoyant, bubbly, and upbeat feeling. Heavy cut glass, even for young families (liquids taste better in glass than in plastic), encourages manners by teaching carefulness, with proper, polite, and refined behaviors.

5. Fine Tableware

Fine tableware creates memories and traditions that last a lifetime. I’ve found delightful porcelain china dinnerware designed to instill an impact at thrift stores and yard sales. Besides being fun to play house with, alternating tableware and decorations makes every meal unique.

6. Surprise Ornamentation

Take a look at your decorations and accessories around your home. Have fun mixing a favorite trinket, figurine, sculpture, mirror, icon, jewelry…

7. Luminous Lighting

When people feel pretty, they feel happier. Soft lighting enhances beauty and makes eyes stand out. Avoid florescent lighting during daylight dining. Opt for light bulbs designed to replicate natural daylight, frequently labeled full spectrum, light bulbs which produce light similar to the bluish-white tint seen by the human eye. Decorative lighting and candlelight make an ordinary meal taste scrumptious.

Live life fully. Celebrate the joys of dining with your friends and family!

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Joy to the Kitchen!

My Twitter friend, Caroline Di Diego, AKA @CASUDI, started a great dialog on architectural kitchen design. She invites you to share your kitchen in ”show & tell” format.

Jeanette's kitchen

This is the current scene as I write this post early Saturday evening. My kitchen has two islands, an antique bar corner, a pool table, a fireplace, and a TV. Most people call this a great room. We call it the kitchen.

kitchen fun

college kids playing

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Welcome to Joy to the Home!

Jeanette's Florida Home

Joy to the has been redesigned many times. This is the first time the entire site has been taken down. In the transition to a new server, we lost the blog contents. Since good design gives you a timeless feeling, I felt sad about losing all my writing. The blessing emerging from this minor annoyance, all new content, creates a new home for us to pursue interior design ideas with a fresh perspective.

Over the years of the old website, we have moved from the Victorian dream home above to a lakeside resort home…

My family recently moved from the home I lived in longer than any other. As you may know, moving causes stress. Whenever I begin to feel sorrow or overwhelm for leaving, I feel grateful for the beauty of the former lake house. I am so fortunate to be moving into my dream home I designed on paper with my architect son years ago. Someone else built our “castle” and didn’t finish. For the first time in my life, I get to design the gardens.

I discovered interior design psychology in 1986 when our daughter Katie, then ten, fell through the kitchen floor. I’ll share the trials and triumphs of researching, fixing, experimenting, and designing the Victorian dream home over and over in a later post.

The benefits of all this for you… join me on my journey fixing my new home as I rewrite the design psychology textbook into Joy to the Home using my home as the illustrations. Feel free to ask your interior and exterior design questions in the comments section. You might just get a spark of a new design idea to inspire your glorious home.

Joy to your home~




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