Joy to the Home: What can we learn from the royals?

With the world in financial distress, war, famine… we need a break. The royal wedding invites us to stop the struggle, look up in faith, and  share the promise of a glorious life well-lived.

Royal Chandelier

When my friends Leslie and Carrie asked me to help design an imaginary home for Prince William and Kate as part of a event happening near my home, I wanted to join the FUN! Imagine designing a home with no budget, with no thoughts on environmental impact, with no real work–just design pleasure.

As I post this fun daydream design details this week, I will keep in mind my basic design psychology beliefs, our Earth’s safekeeping, and blend style, form, function, and JOY into the Home.

I do call my home my castle. The gold chandelier, a second-hand purchase reportedly came from a $20million estate sale. You can furnish your home with extravagant fun on a budget.

Have fun with me and post your ideas as we explore luxury without limits.


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